CERAWeek 2021

AWS is proud to be a foundational partner at CERAWeek 2021. Watch the AWS session on-demand videos to learn about the energy transformation underway and hear how AWS is helping leading energy companies reinvent the industry.

AWS Speaking Sessions

Reinventing the energy industry

Andy Jassy, CEO of AWS, and Bernard Looney, CEO of bp

The energy transition, in combination with digitalization, is driving companies to reinvent themselves and to transform traditional business models. The response to the pandemic has accelerated this. Achieving low-carbon objectives will require partnerships and new ways of thinking. How are energy and digital technology players teaming up to deliver lower-carbon solutions? What learnings and synergies are they generating to reinvent the way that energy is produced and consumed in the future?

Digital technologies: Driving sustainable operations

Bill Vass, VP of Technology at AWS, Antonio Pietri, CEO of AspenTech, and Nicolas Simone, Global Executive Director of Digital Transformation & Innovation at Petrobras

Sustainability and digitalization are driving company strategies across the energy value chain. Digital technologies—including AI, cloud computing, and Internet of Things―largely target the optimization and efficiency of processes. Industry sustainability efforts can benefit from such enhanced capabilities by increasing the transparency of energy-related GHG emissions, and then identifying concrete ways to reduce them. This session explores the fit between these two concepts.

Data analytics: Enhancing competitiveness of the upstream

Arno Van Den Haak, WW Energy BD Lead at AWS

Conventional approaches no longer provide upstream companies with what they need to compete. What is the best digital transformation strategy for the new era of E&P capital discipline? How are leading companies planning to automate and de-risk their workflows? Is there an argument for a digital revolution? In the new digital upstream, who will win and who will lose? How will AI transform upstream and attract new investments?

Robots in the Energy Value Chain: What’s ahead?

Franz Deimbacher, Energy Technology Leader at AWS

Robots are transforming the supply chain workforce by improving safety and efficiency for the energy industry. How are energy companies redesigning their workforce through training as they implement robotics in their supply chain? How are they repositioning their current talent and seeking new talent to operate these exciting technologies?

Educational Track/Workshops

IIoT2.0 Solutions with mPACT2WO on AWS

Atif Siddiqi, Senior Segment Lead, Energy at AWS with Sascha Schieke, Engineering Manager at mPACT2WO

Enabling remote monitoring of industrial operations with IIoT2.0 solutions for rotating assets, fixed assets, Air compliance and general anomaly detection. IIoT2.0 solutions focus on operator adoption thereby enabling anytime-anywhere monitoring of industrial operations.


The OSDU Energy Data Platform on AWS

Liz Dennett, Ph.D., Lead Solutions Architect, OSDU Energy Data Platform at AWS

This presentation will cover how Amazon Web Services (AWS) is leveraging its unique culture to create streamlined integration of the OSDU on AWS Energy Data Platform to enable rapid innovation and novel subsurface insights for our customers and partners.


Transforming Production Operations through cloud-based Production Monitoring & Surveillance on AWS (with bpx)

Sid Bhattacharya, Head WW Energy Solutions at AWS with Hank Hendrickson, Cloud and Hosting Infrastructure Lead, bpx Energy, Inc.

Modernizing existing Sensor, SCADA & Historian infrastructure to provide real-time visibility of physical assets across the organization. Aggregating all operational data from disparate systems into a singular location to support production and OPEX optimization activities via numerous ML and analytics based applications.


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