End-to-End Computational Fluid Dynamics

AWS Automotive Webinar | On-demand

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a key tool within the automotive engineering development process. It provides the ability to investigate hundreds or thousands of design variations without manufacturing anything. Today, automotive companies want to expand the use of CFD further down the design process, reducing dependence on expensive wind-tunnel and road-tests. Therefore, the CFD process must be accurate, cost efficient and fast.

About this webinar

The focus of this webinar will be how to run a complete end-to-end CFD workflow for a realistic road-car model. Starting with CAD and pre-processing we will firstly show how these steps can be done remotely on AWS with minimal data transfer. Secondly we will solve a high-fidelity case using the open-source code OpenFOAM to demonstrate how AWS can improve turn-around time for large cases. Finally, the webinar will demonstrate automated and interactive post-processing using the latest Nvidia GPUs to complete the end-to-end CFD workflow.

Length: 60 minutes

Who Should Watch
Dynamics Engineers, Motorsport Engineers, R&D engineers, IT managers, CFD Specialists, CAE Specialist, Engineering IT Architects, Engineering IT Managers, Engineering IT Infrastructure Managers

Experience Level: Beginner, no prior Cloud experience required

Speaker: Neil Ashton, Principal CFD Specialist Solution Architect, Amazon Web Services

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