Bridging the immunization gap across the United States
Air date: June 9, 2022

The pandemic disrupted many routine healthcare procedures, including immunizations in adults and children. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the United States is behind Health People 2020 targets for routine vaccinations. Additionally, child and adolescent vaccinations have not reached pre-pandemic levels. This can lead to high burden on employers, healthcare systems, parents and schools trying to access timely and accurate information. To address this challenge, the US Department of Health and Human Services hopes to increase immunization infrastructure and community demand.  

Learning objectives
  • Understand the problem the United States is facing in immunization gaps in adults and children
  • Discover an idealist’s workflow on how to use data to engage individuals in their health–in this case, immunizations
  • Explore how TrackMy and Xtend Healthcare solutions can increase data-driven insights and enhance communication effectiveness

Who should attend
Human resource senior leaders, immunization/health program directors, chief human resource leaders, information technology security officers, legal counsel, health and safety professional, and compliance officers. 

About the partners


VeriVax offers a comprehensive platform to manage vaccination status and COVID-19 testing populations. TrackMy’s proprietary technology allows users to pull back a verified vaccination record from immunization registries across the United States. Their solution allows employers and universities to reduce the administrative burden, automate verification, and consolidate reporting to allow for effective outreach for closing immunization gaps or allowing safe entry to the workplace or events.

Xtend Healthcare

Xtend Healthcare a part of the Navient family of companies, is an industry-leading provider of revenue cycle and public health solutions. Their seasoned team, deep knowledge of local environments, proprietary technologies, and tailored solutions help government agencies and commercial organizations deliver effective and compliant public health programs to their constituents using Amazon Web Services (AWS) AWS Connect and other AWS services.


Jeremy Elias headshot Jeremy Elias, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TrackMy Solutions

Jeremy is the founder and CEO of TrackMy Solutions. He has over 15 years of healthcare industry experience, specifically working on the development of technology solutions to enhance the care delivery and administrative functions. Through Jeremy’s entrepreneur and visionary expertise, he created the TrackMy platform to focus on the e2i2 of healthcare (Engage, Educate, Inform, Involve). Jeremy's vision is to redefine the standard of care as it relates to medical device efficacy and the recall process.
Daniel Brooks headshot Daniel Brooks Chief Commercial Officer at Xtend Solutions

Daniel serves as a key leader at Xtend Healthcare helping public health customers and revenue cycle stakeholders communicate, collaborate, and service patients more cost effectively. Daniel oversees the efforts of a collaborative team of sales, marketing, development, operational, and implementation experts. Daniel has more than 20 years of healthcare experience and knowledge. He holds an MBA and several industry recognitions.
Betsy Baker headshot Betsy Baker, Public Health Modernization at AWS

Betsy is a public health leader with a focus on health information exchange, data analytics, and community engagement. Betsy currently leads digital services engagements and innovation approaches to engaging communities. She works with public agencies, community-based organizations, and technology partners across the country to improve constituent experience across the US, including engaging in public health education, programs, and response. Betsy was formerly a director of client services, leading large enterprise analytic implementations in Medicaid agencies and has over a decade of experience in the public sector arena, promoting data driven programs, policy, and targeted consumer engagement.

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