Drive your competitive advantage by upskilling your team with AWS Training

Learn how encouraging AWS Training for your employees benefits both their career and your business

In today’s competitive cloud landscape, having staff with cloud expertise is paramount. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers specialized training to AWS Partners to build their competence, confidence, and credibility, so you can better support customers with essential knowledge of the AWS Cloud.

Increase your competitive advantage

More than 90% of participants say their staff’s participation in AWS Training programs put their organization in a better competitive position.

Thumbail pic This research consisted of surveys of more than 750 AWS Partner decision makers responsible for determining their staff’s training or certification needs, with representation across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Organizations surveyed ranged in size from small businesses to enterprises.

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What are some of the tangible benefits to encouraging your employees to be AWS trained? Among Partner organizations who invested in AWS Training and/or AWS Certification…

Improve business development Keep up with tech trends Enhance the operational capabilities Enjoy better business results
77% of participants say they’ve seen an increase in staff ability to communicate benefits of AWS solutions to customers’ applications. More than 75% reported that having AWS-trained and AWS Certified staff improved their organization’s ability to innovate and stay competitive. 78% percent of AWS Partners say AWS Training helps them innovate and employ emerging technologies. 59% of participants in the survey say teams that have participated in AWS Training generate more revenue from customers.

Download the full ESG research report to discover the breadth of benefits AWS Training and AWS Certification can have for your teams including:

  • Improved talent recruitment and retention
  • Improved business outcomes
  • Enhanced innovation
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