Use the real-time utilization, performance, and third-party licensing data of your IT-environment to uncover cost savings and build a business case for running your workloads in the AWS Cloud.

This migration assessment includes:

Broad-based discovery
The Migration Evaluator discovery process provides a detailed snapshot of your on-premises environment, with rapid cost estimates and savings projections, based on actual performance and utilization data.

Optimization and Licensing Assessment (OLA)
Third-party licensing can be a significant component in your cost estimate. This assessment delivers dedicated host analysis and a comprehensive evaluation of licensing entitlements to uncover potential savings in the cloud.

Directional Business Case
Your migration business case will include a report of on-premises inventory, cost modeling scenarios, optimized networking costs, sustainability, and a recommendation for additional assessments such as storage and server dependency mapping with prescriptive next steps.

How it works:

Please fill out the from, and you will be contacted by an expert. After installation of the free agentless collector, within two weeks you will receive your report with customized insights.

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