Next Generations Network revenues have not materialized, yet, for Telcos

Industry analyst firm Omdia, takes an in-depth look on an industry facing substantial challenges from regulatory constraints, rising customer data volumes, intense pricing competition, and challenges of generating sustainable returns from an increasingly complex technology estate. To put these challenges into context CSPs have spent $3.6trn since 2012, just shy of the entire German economy, to address these challenges only to have grown at 1-2% per year.      

Cloud holds answers to communications services providers (CSP) challenges, however, using cloud without a strategy will burden CSPs adding additional complexity to their technology estates. In this report from Omdia, Analysts Richard Mahoney and Evan Kirchheimer, map out the impact of virtualization for Telcos via the public cloud, forecast a future financial trajectory for CSPs, and identify five new business models catalyzed by cloud to deliver new services and grow revenues.

Read the report to:

  • Learn how to create a profitable and sustainable strategy by deploying cloud in your CSP business
  • Understand how shifting operations to cloud promises to reduce telco Opex/revenue ratios by more than 10%
  • Reduce IT estate spend by up to 20% in IT infrastructure spend as a percentage of total IT spend with cloud
  • Utilize the five possible business models with clouds, available today, to drive revenue growth and deliver new services to your end customers


The Future of Telcos and the Cloud

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