Disruptive Innovations in Manufacturing Will Reshape Entire Industries

The manufacturing sector has seen extraordinary pressures recently: a global pandemic, geopolitical stresses, market uncertainties, and more. These obstacles have made clear that the modern manufacturing business must be resilient and adaptable. To achieve this, they’ll also need to understand how they can benefit from ongoing revolutions in tech.

In this report, Forrester outlines the major developments—both external and internal—that will transform manufacturing in the coming years and decades. In addition, the report highlights the technologies that will be most impactful and essential for manufacturers to embrace.

Read the report to:

  • Learn about the four major trends that are transforming manufacturing and remaking supply chains.
  • Discover how digital technology, including cloud tech, AI, and automation, are shaping global manufacturing processes.
  • Gain insight into what manufacturing will look like over the next 5-10 years—and far beyond.


The Future of Manufacturing

The Future of Manufacturing by Paul Miller with Pascal Matzke, Dan Purchia, Luca Lo Scavo, Rachel Birrell, September 9, 2022 with permission. All rights reserved.

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