AWS Energy Webinar

Subsurface Cloud Optimization & Transformation

In this webinar AWS, Bluware, INT, and Interica discuss their innovations to modernize the seismic workflow. There is significant value to be unlocked in more intelligent and efficient utilization of E&P data.

Seismic data, occupying 80% of total storage, is complex and there are significant efficiencies to be realized in how this data is utilized. Today, digital solutions allow for improved subsurface decisions, more time for G&G professionals to focus on innovation, and reduced costs.

During this webinar we will discover:

  • How to develop a seismic data landscape to consolidate and avoid converting/duplicating seismic data by enabling OSDU OpenVDS and Seismic streaming
  • How to upgrade seismic data and remove non-productive time “wasted” on file operations
  • How to make the subsurface workflow more efficient


  • Andy James (Bluware) - Chief Product Officer
  • Mik Isernia (AWS) - Head of Subsurface Solutions
  • Simon Kendall (Interica) - Chief Executive Officer
  • Fabrice Buron (INT) - Chief Commercial Officer

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