AWS Energy Partner Webinar - ChampionX & WellAware

Oilfield Digital Transformation Success: How ChampionX’s Commitment to Excellence is Changing Oilfield Services for Good

For most oil & gas businesses, success with digital transformation has been fleeting. In fact, McKinsey recently surveyed industrial enterprise leaders, and found that over 70% of digital transformation projects fail to get past pilot stage.

Modern customers and end markets are demanding better efficiency, safety, and sustainability delivered through digital transformation, leaving oil and gas executives grasping for any strategies and tactics that can deliver digital wins. This is why real success stories are so crucial for those seeking a path forward.

In this webinar, leaders from ChampionX, WellAware, and AWS will share their experience moving the needle on digital transformation, and specific actions that can help oilfield businesses be successful when going digital.

In particular, we’ll cover:

  • ChampionX’s successes and challenges as they digitally transform their operations
  • How ChampionX has improved service outcomes for its customers using technology
  • TThe importance of collaboration - with peers, customers, and technology innovators - in achieving digital success
  • How to identify rapid, incremental wins that accelerate company-wide transformation

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