AWS Energy Webinar

How to Easily Implement Automated Machine Learning Workflows for Intelligent Prediction of Oil & Gas Opportunities

Automated machine learning (AutoML), a technology that automates the process of machine learning training and model deployment, is the best solution for ultimate efficiency in many areas. In this webinar, learn how your company can apply cutting-edge machine learning (ML) and use it in a production environment for predictive analysis. The presented technology grants universal AI accessibility to not only machine learning experts, but also to engineers and managers who would like to use AI to streamline their manual workflows. This presentation will demonstrate how to maximize the value of machine learning in the industry via explainable AI and machine learning-based uncertainty quantification.

The information provided in the presentation benefits any data-heavy organization in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors, as well as industries outside of oil and gas.

Why choose AWS for your machine learning needs?

AWS enables organizations to undergo broad digital transformations with modern, cloud-native solutions. Offering a broad set of machine learning services and supporting cloud infrastructure, AWS enables organizations to tailor their machine learning solution to meet the unique needs of their business.

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