AWS Energy Partner Webinar

Digital Transformation and the OSDU™ Data Platform: Why You Can’t Afford to Wait

A recent McKinsey report estimates that 20–30% of personnel time is lost due to looking for data. Of course, driving efficiency and minimizing risk have always been primary business objectives but, with marketplace conditions being what they are today, these inefficiencies can easily mean the difference between success and failure.

In this webinar, leaders from Ikon Science and AWS will introduce how successful digital transformations can power innovation, optimize workflows and generate company shaping efficiencies and insight. Specifically, Chris Hanton, VP of Data Solutions at Ikon Science and James Patton, Global Data Platform BD, at Amazon Web Services will cover:

  • Democratizing data and knowledge promotes increased understanding across the subsurface team, saving time, money and energy throughout the lifecycle of an asset
  • Powering collaboration is the key to digital transformation success
  • Maximizing the potential of the OSDU™ Data Platform initiative
  • Making the promise of digital transformation a reality in your business


Chris Hanton

VP of Data Solutions, Ikon Science
Chris Hanton is the VP of Data Solutions at Ikon Science overseeing the scoping, management, and delivery of solutions to improve the accessibility, quality and availability of subsurface data across our client organizations. Chris first joined the industry in 2008, first as a mudlogger before moving into a role as a project petrophysicist, with these positions providing valuable insight to both the potential of data and the all-too-common bottlenecks that organizations face when it comes to extracting maximum value form their information stores. Since joining Ikon in 2018, Chris has worked closely with a range of client organizations varying in size and digital maturity. Chris and his team interact with a variety of stakeholders, covering both end-user and management teams to build pragmatic solutions to data challenges in a timely manner, improving the ability for subsurface teams to action effective decision making and positively influence the overall business of the client. The delivered solutions look to work efficiently with existing business rules and standards whilst allowing the client to develop new data procedures as necessary. Chris has an MeSci from the University of Liverpool in Geology and an MSci from the University of Aberdeen in Integrated Petroleum Geoscience.    

James Patton
Global Data Platforms Manager, AWS
James is working with AWS customers globally to become data driven enterprises. He’s focused on building the strategy and architectures to leverage information within their data, helping customers to implement data solutions on the cloud to lower cost, make better decisions, reduce risk and innovate faster. In 2003, James completed his Petroleum Engineering MSc at Herriot Watt and started his energy career running reservoir engineering models for Shell. Over the past 18 years James has enjoyed field operations across Europe, Africa and Asia. He’s been part of Deloitte’s energy team focused on asset economics and project consulting, and worked with Schlumberger in many roles becoming a senior subsurface domain specialist helping customers progress their field development plans. James has a broad perspective of the value chain and stage gate process’ which drive our industries decision making, and has experienced first had the inefficiencies and challenges in those workflows. In November 2020, James joined AWS Energy, and has been working with The OSDUTM Forum, energy customers and application vendors, on a solution to these challenges. A solution agile and flexible enough to address individual customers data landscapes as rich and unique as they are. A solution which natively enables cloud microservices, provides the launchpad for innovation and creates an ecosystem for customers to select the best in breed services for their specific workflows.


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