AWS Energy Partner Webinar - INT

Simplifying Geoscience ML Integration to Deliver End-to-End Workflows

As more E&P and geoscience companies ingest data and migrate to the cloud to search and work with their data, one key piece — leveraging machine learning and processing and visualizing the results — becomes increasingly important. Join us as we show how you can connect to any machine learning or processing service to execute a complete, end-to-end workflow all in one platform, IVAAP, hosted on AWS.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Easily connect the dots — consume data, trigger and execute processing or machine learning models in a simple way, and visualize results quickly.
  • Leverage dynamic UI technology to deliver end-to-end ML workflows in one platform in the cloud.
  • Finalize your data migration journey by accessing a single data store in the cloud on AWS.

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