AWS Energy Partner Webinar - Cloudwick

Why BKV Chose AWS & Cloudwick for its Energy Data Lake

At BKV, we’re focused on becoming a top 10 data-driven energy company. To achieve optimal operations and business performance, BKV partnered with AWS and Cloudwick to break its operations, engineering, business data system, and analytic silos across the organization.

In this webinar, Bryan Becker, BKV's VP, will share his data lake-driven journey and provide his insights on:

  • How he successfully planned and managed BKV’s data lake modernization initiative
  • Building a data lake-driven performance culture and company
  • How he partnered with Cloudwick to align IT, operations, engineering & lines of business
  • Overcoming data lake migration and modernization challenges
  • Why BKV chose AWS and Cloudwick’s energy data lake solution and services

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