AWS Energy Partner Webinar - Seeq and Marathon Oil

Exception Based Production Surveillance at Scale

Exploration and production companies constantly aim to maximize production out of their assets while minimizing operating and capital expenses. One way to do this, without investing in additional assets or implementing large capital projects, is through digital initiatives. These digital initiatives can deliver fast, scalable, easy-to-use anomaly and event detection, helping uncover hidden value by optimizing existing well performance.

During this webinar, Marathon Oil discusses their Digital Oilfield project which enables them to run exception-based production surveillance at scale using intelligent alerts. Seeq’s advanced analytics combined with AWS services allow them to combine disparate data sources with self-service data modeling and analytics, enabling real-time insights and leading to quicker remediation to maximize production potential.

Members of the Seeq, AWS and Marathon Oil teams answer questions related to deployment, architecture, and additional use cases for the energy sector.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover how self-service analytics can accelerate time to insights and drive real-time business value
  • Understand the importance of having OT (Operations Technology) at the center of analytics workflows to accelerate adoption
  • Learn ways to grow at scale utilizing the advantages of the AWS Cloud and partners such as Seeq

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