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Leverage Emerson’s leading-edge G&G software to directly utilize seismic and well data stored in OSDU™

In addition to significant contributions to the OSDU Reservoir DDMS initiative, Emerson is engineering its best-in-class applications to connect to G&G data residing in the OSDU Platform. In this video, we show how well data loaded from OSDU using Geolog™ can be classified using a Machine Learning approach. The resulting electrofacies logs can then be used by another Machine Learning engine in the Rock Type Classification module of SeisEarth™ to guide the prediction of rock properties using seismic data streamed directly from OSDU. The resulting logs and classified seismic volumes are saved back into the OSDU platform for use by other applications.

If you have additional questions about OSDU, please contact OSDU team or learn more about AWS Implementation of OSDU Data Platform.

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Transforming the future of space alongside our customers

In this report from Northern Sky Research (NSR) on cloud computing in the satellite world, AWS Ground Station is named as one of the solutions available to satellite operators looking to run a fully managed cloud-based ground station service. The report highlights the measurability and flexibility that cloud-based solutions provide to the traditionally CAPEX-heavy investments of satellite ground infrastructure. AWS is touted as offering flexible per-minute access to antennas for self-service scheduling, alleviating the need to buy, lease, build or manage a fully owned ground segment.

According to NSR, “The direct access to AWS services such as EC2, S3, Sagemaker etc. will enable quicker and cost-effective data processing and analysis before integration into key applications."

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