Big data technologies make it technically and economically feasible to collect, store, and analyze larger data sets on the cloud. However, big data isn’t always the best solution for real-time, low-to-no latency decision-making in industrial sectors.

In this eBook, learn about edge computing solutions and how they can help industrial organizations overcome their big data issues. We also examine how FogHorn Lighting Edge and Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT solutions provide edge intelligence (low-latency onsite data processing, real-time analytics, machine learning (ML), and AI capabilities) for industrial IoT (IIoT).

Read this eBook to learn how to

  • Analyze streaming data as it’s processing, providing a highly accurate view of an asset

  • Combine a wide array of traditional sensors and control system data with vibration, acoustic, and video to reveal previously unseen nuances of operations

  • Continuously improve ML models with streaming data



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