Quickly determine the size and severity of attacks

DigiCert provides scalable TLS/SSL and PKI solutions for identity and encryption. After migrating their first workloads to Amazon Web Services (AWS), they realized their DDoS mitigation solution was not effective because it excessively scrubbed and sometimes blocked legitimate traffic. As a result, they decided to work with Imperva, an AWS Partner Network (APN) Security Competency Partner. Deploying Imperva’s SaaS Application Security solution has helped DigiCert protect their apps by improving visibility and identifying threats to prevent attacks.

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  • The AWS and Partner solution uses advanced client classification technology to analyze traffic and block web application attacks—including SQL injection and cross-site scripting

  • To rapidly identify suspicious behavior and send automated alerts when potential threats are discovered

  • To discover malicious threats quickly and effectively mitigate those threats before adversely impacting your business



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