"Manufacturers believe cloud will have more impact on their businesses over the next five years than analytics, social, and mobile technologies." - IDC

Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows you to focus your resources on optimizing production, improving security posture and operational efficiencies across the value chain, and lowering your IT/OT cost structure while accelerating your pace of innovation and scale. In this whitepaper, research firm IDC dives deep into the use cases available for manufacturers in the cloud, evaluates challenges and opportunities that may arise, and provides best practices to consider for manufacturing industry professionals and business leaders seeking cloud implementation.

Learn how to:

  • Stop taking a siloed approach to innovation, and leverage cloud as the digital platform for innovation that will scale across the enterprise.
  • Free up resources from legacy systems that manufacturers have historically relied upon. As IT is not able to keep up with demands from the line of business, cloud allows IT to better support the business.
  • Consider the partner ecosystem when selecting a cloud provider. Partners possess deep industry expertise and can help a manufacturer extract maximum value from its data.

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