Digital Content Creation on AWS

On-Demand Webcast Series

Content Creation in the Cloud for Creative Studios, Teams & Freelancers

Learn how creative studios can take advantage of the cloud to help with remote work, scale production pipelines, increase artist productivity, and reduce wall clock time to deliver projects. Amazon Web Services (AWS) industry experts and customers explain how studios are moving content creation workloads such as workstations, render, and storage to the cloud—and experiencing the positive impacts on their business.

Who Should Attend: Producers, CTOs, Pipeline Engineers, Technical Directors, Render Wranglers, and Artists who create digital content in industries such as visual effects (VFX), animation, virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR).

Originally Aired: August 26-27, 2020 

Session Agenda

50 Minutes
Digital content creation on AWS
Artist talent and production pipelines differentiate creative studios. What would more productive artists mean for your studio? What if you could add sought-after talent from anywhere in the world to your project at any time? Learn how to scale your studio by running virtual workstations, rendering, and storage workloads on AWS. Join Will McDonald, Head of Product - Content Creation, and discover the tools and resources that help studios iterate faster, hire the best talent, work remotely, and deliver for clients.
Session 1
40 Minutes
Industry firsts: How to launch a new creative studio, entirely on the cloud
The founders of Untold Studios wanted to start a new type of creative studio that allowed them to channel capabilities across multiple fields and maintain creative energy and momentum. The first of its kind, Untold Studios pushes the boundaries of technology by operating completely in the cloud (and experimenting with Unreal Engine) so teams can focus on creative endeavors without operational distractions. Join Sam Reid, Head of Technology, and Annie Ayres, Head of Music and Social, at Untold Studios, to learn how Untold Studios is extending their creative team, from live sets to virtual production.
Session 2
30 Minutes
Hive VFX: Automating virtual studio deployment on AWS to enable global collaboration
Join Bernie Kimbacher, Founder and VFX Supervisor at Hive VFX, as he discusses visual effects in the cloud and explores the unique possibilities of serverless, event-driven AWS architecture, and how it can help create a highly scalable and cost-effective global studio infrastructure. Topics include Infrastructure as Code with AWS CloudFormation, serverless and event-driven architecture with AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway, and how to use these services to deploy a HPC environment featuring G4 instances, FSx for Lustre File Systems, and EC2 Spot Fleets via AWS Thinkbox Deadline.
Session 3
45 Minutes
Virtual workstations: The new must-have studio essential
Cloud-based virtual workstations are not a new concept. Today, however, virtual workstations have become essential to studios seeking cloud solutions that enable remote teams to work more efficiently, and keep creative productions moving forward. Moderated by Randi Altman of postPerspective, join AWS, NVIDIA, and Tangent Studio for a discussion on what virtual workstations are, how they work, who is using this technology today, and how working remotely will continue to evolve and influence content production.
Session 4
25 Minutes
Cinesite tells all: How cloud rendering can revolutionize VFX & feature animation workflows
Join Cinesite Montreal COO Graham Peddie to learn how Cinesite uses cloud rendering tools to reach new levels of visual complexity and detail in their work and meet increasingly tight schedules. Explore how Cinesite benefits from expanding compute abilities beyond in-house infrastructure to deal with dramatic spikes in rendering workloads as deadlines approach. This session features footage from the upcoming family adventure-comedy EXTINCT and scenes from Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime.

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