Server-Side Ad Insertion

How to Monetize Video with Targeted Advertising


Is server-side ad insertion (SSAI) better than client-side ad insertion (CSAI)? How do they differ? Which works best for OTT content monetization? How does the cloud enable more scalable solutions? This white paper answers these questions and more with a deep dive into the ways the technologies perform today, and predictions for future opportunities based on how video providers’ needs and delivery format trends are changing. Topics include:

  • Premium viewing and monetization: Mastering the balance
  • CSAI and SSAI: Comparing and contrasting their capabilities and benefits
  • Standards: Explaining DASH, HLS and the roles CMAF and fMP4 play
  • Scalability: Seeing how Amazon Prime Video does it
  • Solutions: Evaluating what you need and understanding the best way to get it

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