How to Build OTT Workflows for Live Video Streaming on AWS

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Originally aired Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Whether your video is recorded, encoded, and delivered via established broadcast or up-to-the-minute streaming technologies, media stability and agility are must-haves, not an either/or choice. Get both without compromising.

This webcast shows specific ways OTT providers can use AWS Cloud services to take control of and get the most from video workflows. Topics covered:

  • How to create a live channel quickly and easily using a live video streaming solution on AWS
  • Ways to get broadcast-quality video using a well-architected, highly available workflow
  • What you need to know to customize, enhance, and continually improve live offerings
  • Live-streaming use cases: Media workloads that studios, broadcasters, pay TV operators, media service providers, sports leagues, digital publishers, and new media companies are already building in AWS

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