Cloud training strategies
for today’s digital talent

Drive digital innovation for customers with

tailored cloud training for your team

Discover trends, training innovations, and insights from Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Organizations on how they’re unlocking the value of the cloud in their workforce with your download of the AWS Partner Training Guide to Cloud Talent Strategy eBook.

Learn how you can:

Transform your
workforce with
cloud training
Accelerate innovation
for customers
Cultivate trust with
customers and deliver
the expertise they demand
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Download your eBook

Discover how team training can distinguish your cloud practice

Empower your team with the competence, confidence, and credibility to better support customers with essential knowledge of the AWS Cloud.
Peer-reported benefits

Discover the benefits that partners report, including: productivity, profitability, customer innovation – plus, improved employee recruitment and retention of top talent.

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Whether your employees are just starting out, building on existing skills, or sharpening knowledge in a specialized competency, AWS Partner Training provides personalized cloud training journeys for every member of your team.Sign in to AWS Partner Central to get started.