Enabling complex enterprises to transform into an agile digital business.


Gather business insights

Understand the opportunities unique to your enterprise through a jointly developed analytics platform.

Plan for multi-year modernization

With a long term plan in place, modernize select, strategic applications for early use.

Launch a proven migration factory

Migrate thousands of servers and enable a proven migration factory to reduce technical debt at scale.


Enable modern innovation

Organize employees into "full-stack" product teams trained on Amazon's innovation mechanisms.

Build a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCOE)

Staff your CCOE with enterprise-grade cloud environments and operations supporting the full application portfolio.

Re-skill your teams

Give your teams the skills and capabilities to support organizational and cultural change.


What's included in the program:


Prescriptive guidance: work streams

5 guided value-delivery work streams to achieve sustainable transformation: business, migration, modernization, insights, and innovation.

Prescriptive guidance: methodology

2 phase methodology: 3-month preparation and 12 month delivery phases.

25+ AWS experts

Working alongside your staff to implement a prescriptive plan to build the capabilities and organizational structures necessary to jumpstart your transformation.

Exclusive incentives

Exclusive Enterprise NEXT incentives available to help customers drive business transformation velocity.

How to get started:

CEO or board level commitment to AWS-powered digital transformation.

Schedule executive visioning workshop to align on required business outcomes.

Initiate preparation phase to capture early business value wins.


Develop and present board level business case.


Execute delivery phase to achieve business transformation outcomes.




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The AWS Enterprise Transformation Program helps enterprises achieve their corporate objectives and accelerate their path to an agile digital business by leveraging Amazon and AWS’s proven success patterns, practices & expertise.

Make data driven decisions with business and operational insights.

Cost optimization & operational efficiency.

 Improve customer experiences with new and enhanced offerings.

Accelerate time to revenue and increase speed to market.

 Acquire the skills and capabilities needed for organizational and cultural change.


AWS Delivers

Your Vision

Focus on your corporate strategies & work backwards to build your plan

Experience & Solutions

Leverage our experience & breadth of solutions to accelerate your transformation

Celebrated Success

Learn side-by-side with AWS experts to achieve early wins that scale to large business impact


Business Agility

Measure business outcome KPIs. Proactively serve your ever changing customer & market needs




Plus partnering opportunities to assist with the accelerated business transformation.


Initial customer commitment

1. CxO level participation in the AWS Executive Visioning Workshop

2. Secure leadership engagement and sponsorship

3. Initiate activation phase and staff your CCOE

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