Moving Data into the Cloud with AWS Transfer Services

Moving Data into the Cloud with AWS Transfer Services

Moving data from on-premises data sources to the cloud is a challenge, especially if you have petabytes or exabytes. AWS offers a range of simple and cost-effective options to transfer large amounts of data to AWS, including the AWS Storage Gateway, AWS Snowball, Snowball Edge and Snowmobile, Amazon Kinesis Firehose, Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration, and AWS Elastic File System with Direct Connect. These services have different performance, cost and output characteristics, and this presentation will explain how to choose the best data transfer option for your specific use case.

When: May 24 | 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM PT | 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM ET

Learning Objectives:
• Learn about the AWS data transfer services
• Understand which service can meet your needs, based on your workloads, data type and use case.
• Learn how the AWS Snowball & Snowmobile services physical appliances eliminate bandwidth constraints.
• Learn how the different AWS Storage Gateway modes (file, block or virtual tape) deliver tiered hybrid storage
• Hear how Amazon Kinesis Firehose, Direct Connect, and Amazon S3 Acceleration can bring the power and flexibility of EFS, Amazon S3, and Amazon Redshift to your existing applications

Who Should Attend: IT Directors, Technical Decision Makers, Enterprise Architects, Software Developers, Data Scientists, Data Architects, Data Engineers

Speakers: Everett Dolgner, Storage Technical BD Manager, AWS

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