Fueling High Performance Computing (HPC) on AWS with GPUs


Fueling High Performance Computing (HPC) on AWS with GPUs

Broadcast Date:
September 27, 2018

Level 200 | Service Intro
HPC workloads are getting larger and spikier with more interdisciplinary analyses, higher fidelity models, and larger data volumes. Hence, managing and deploying on-premises HPC is getting harder and more expensive, especially as the line between HPC and analytics is blurring in every industry. Businesses are also challenged with rapid technology refresh cycles, limited in-house data center space, skills to cost-effectively operate an on-premises HPC environment customized to match performance, security and compliance requirements. AWS is fueling the rapid migration of HPC to the cloud with some key differentiators such as the availability of NVIDIA GPU-enabled cloud instances, at scale, for compute and remote visualization. In this tech talk, an AWS expert and the co-founder of Cabot Partners Group, Srini Chari, will discuss the growing interest in the use of GPUs for HPC applications and highlight emerging HPC use cases where the use of GPUs are increasing.

Learning Objectives:
• Understand the drivers for considering GPUs for HPC workloads
• Understand the various AWS HPC solution components and integration/on-boarding support for GPU-enabled HPC applications
• Customer case studies highlighting the benefits of using AWS to run GPU-enabled HPC applications

Suited For: HPC Solution Architects, HPC Application Developers, HPC System Admins

Speaker(s): Chetan Kapoor, Sr. Product Manager, AWS; Srini Chari, Ph.D, MBA, Co-founder Cabot Partners Group

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