“Amazon has the largest adoption and broadest range of options. Amazon continues to have the largest adoption of DBaaS, including supporting some of the largest and most complex deployments. And it's expanding its support for various types of databases, making it the vendor with the most options.” - Forrester

Leveraging database-as-a-service (DBaaS) gives you the freedom to provision a relational or nonrelational database of any size in minutes, without needing any technical expertise. In this report, Forrester identifies and evaluates the 12 most significant DBaaS platforms, including Amazon Aurora for MySQL and PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB for a NoSQL database, and many more.

Learn how to:

  • Integrate with comprehensive ecosystems of tools, technologies, and architectures to build effective modern applications, support advanced operational systems, and prepare for growing business needs.
  • Strengthen your environment with comprehensive data security features and functionality with native data security capabilities of large public cloud platforms and move away from on premise, offline architecture.
  • Leverage Forrester's insights about AWS' suite of database solutions in relation to the broader platform with targeted recommendations for CIOs, developers, and EA professionals.

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