Fireside Chat: Relational Database Innovation at AWS


Fireside Chat: Relational Database Innovation at AWS

Broadcast Date:
September 20, 2018

Level 200 | Fireside Chat
Relational databases support the world’s most critical systems and applications. But provisioning, scaling and managing these databases can be time-consuming and costly. For the past nine years, Amazon’s managed Relational Database Service (RDS) has taken some of the burden, allowing you to focus on your applications rather than your infrastructure. In this session, we’ll have a conversation with Debanjan Saha, GM for relational databases at AWS, to learn how databases are being used in modern applications and how AWS is creating database innovations on behalf of our customers. We will discuss what a managed database service is and how it makes your applications more available, scalable and cost-efficient. We’ll learn how an application developer can use RDS to make development and testing easier, and we’ll cover Amazon Aurora, a MySQL- and PostgreSQL-compatible database built for the cloud and available on RDS.

Learning Objectives:
• Learn about managed database services, the breadth of databases AWS offers, and how businesses are using them today
• Learn how to save time, reduce costs and increase application performance and availability
• Learn how to get started with Amazon Aurora and build cloud-native applications for performance and scale

Suited For: IT Admins, IT Decision Makers, DBAs, Application Developers

Speaker(s): Debanjan Saha, GM, Amazon Aurora and RDS, AWS; Larry Weber, Principal Product Marketing Leader, AWS

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