Enhanced Security Analytics Using AWS WAF Full Logging


Enhanced Security Analytics Using AWS WAF Full Logging

Broadcast Date:
September 24, 2018

Level 300 | Service How-To
In this tech talk, we will discuss how you can use AWS WAF and the new full logging feature to improve your security analytics. We will go over the setup process, which involves configuring Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, and cover various tools that you can use to analyze the logs. We will specifically talk about tools such as Amazon Athena with QuickSight, Amazon Elasticsearch Service with Kibana and third-party SIEM tools. We will also answer general questions regarding what you can build using AWS WAF full logging.

Learning Objectives:
• Learn about the AWS WAF full logging feature
• Learn about various tools available for performing deep dives into logs
• See how to integrate the security analytics with popular SIEM tools

Suited For: IT, Information Security, Security Operations, Security Analysts, Network Engineers

Speaker(s): Venkat Vijayaraghavan, Principal Product Manager, Anti-DDoS, AWS

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