With today’s energy industry rapidly changing, the need for energy companies to innovate is critical. As customer behaviors evolve, energy demand increases, and the need to decarbonize accelerates, energy organizations will need to increase innovation through the latest cloud technologies such as AI, ML, edge computing, and many others.

This ebook series delves into the pivotal role of cloud solutions in reshaping the energy landscape and provides real-world case studies of energy customers who are already transforming their businesses on AWS.

The Reinventing Energy ebook series offers a deep dive into how cloud technologies are being used across different parts of the energy value chain with topics such as:


Delve into security trends within the energy industry and the importance of protecting critical energy infrastructure with insights from companies who are bolstering their defenses.

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Learn how cloud is helping accelerate the energy transition by providing the data foundation to help companies understand their emissions and plan their net zero journey.

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Generative AI

Discover the transformative role of generative AI in the energy industry, from helping simulate energy scenarios to reimagining the call center experience.

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High Performance Computing

Learn how HPC is improving decision making within subsurface exploration and other parts of the energy industry, through faster processing, greater availability, and unlimited capacity.

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Data Platforms

Learn how industry specific data platforms are helping energy companies unlock the full potential of their data and setting the foundation for advanced cloud workflows.

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Digital Operations

Explore the role of cloud in helping energy companies modernize and consolidate legacy systems and providing greater visibility and efficiency for their operations.

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Grid Modernization

Discover how power & utility companies are using cloud technologies to accelerate smart grid solutions that are helping deliver clean, reliable and affordable energy to customers.

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