ElastiCache: Deep Dive Best Practices and Usage Patterns


ElastiCache: Deep Dive Best Practices and Usage Patterns

Broadcast Date:
April 23, 2018

Level 200 | Service Deep Dive
Developers need a fast, scalable, and easy to use data store to reduce latency and improve throughput for data-intensive applications. ElastiCache is a Redis compatible in-memory data store that combines the speed, simplicity, and versatility of open-source Redis with manageability, security, and scalability from Amazon to power real-time applications with sub-millisecond latency. In this session, we provide a peek behind the scenes to learn about ElastiCache design and architecture. Hear about common usage patterns with our Redis offering and how customers use them for in-memory operations to power real-time apps with sub-millisecond latency.

Learning Objectives:
• What is Redis and why do you need it?
• Get an inside look at Amazon ElastiCache for Redis design and architecture
• Hear about common usage patterns

Suited For: Technical Decision Makers, IT Developers, Software Developers, DevOps, DBAs, Solution Architects

Speaker(s): To Be Announced, Expert, AWS

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