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If you are evaluating Amazon ElastiCache for developing a new solution that will use it, we can help you accelerate the process.

Whether you need help identifying relevant information such as whitepapers, reference architectures, blogs and case studies, or would like to request technical assistance from one of our ElastiCache experts, we are here to help. Our ElastiCache Specialist SAs are also available to help provide guidance on developing your solutions, in addition to assisting you with architecting, sizing, and optimizing your ElastiCache workloads.

Amazon ElastiCache allows you to seamlessly set up, run, and scale popular open source compatible in-memory data stores in the cloud. ElastiCache offers fully managed Redis and Memcached for your most demanding applications that require sub-millisecond response times and high throughput. ElastiCache is a popular choice for real-time use cases such as Caching, Session Stores, Gaming, Geospatial Lookups, Real-Time Analytics, and Queuing.

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