"AWS offers one of the most secure cloud platforms available today, with Amazon S3 data lake storage solution providing almost unlimited scalability."

As data analytics investments provide increasingly fruitful insights in the cloud, organizations are seeking to eliminate as many roadblocks as possible to ensure steady improvement. In this report, ESG asks senior-level IT professionals across a wide variety of industries and use cases to understand the impact of their cloud analytics environments today and assess the most common pain points as they embrace larger data sets and analytics tools.

Learn how to:

  • Benefit from economies of scale through a cloud environment that typically costs more than what most businesses could afford on premises.
  • Leverage built-in redundancy throughout an entire technology stack, using appropriate and efficient processes to avoid interruption of service across geographic zones.
  • Anchor a forward-looking, data-centric strategy by using a platform that can foster growth and ensure integration of next-generation technologies, like AI and ML, that can easily access large pools of training data.

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