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Stacksmith & Amazon Web Services - Build, Migrate and Optimize Workloads for AWS-native Operations (in Polish)

Use Bitnami Stacksmith to package and maintain your custom applications for AWS. Learn how easy it is to get started optimizing your DevOps pipeline with Bitnami Stacksmith for AWS. Use Stacksmith to automate packaging of your applications for AWS and EKS, and ensure your applications stay up-to-date and secure over time.

When: January 24th | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CEST

Learning Objectives:
• Learn how to on-board your custom applications to AWS and EKS, as Stacksmith delivers assets in native image and deployment template formats, access AWS best-fit services that weren’t previously available to your apps
• Learn how to Automate application and asset monitoring and maintenance, making it easy to keep your applications up-to-date and secure
• Learn how to Secure Immutable Assets and Shorten Replenishment Cycles, Improve Applications by Replatforming to Cloud Native Services, Enforce DevSecOps Best Practices Systematically, Populate and Preserve Internal Service Catalogs

Who Should Attend: Developers, Engineers, System Administrators, Architects and IT Managers/Directors, Business Leaders 

Speaker: Wojciech Kocjan, Solutions Architect at Bitnami (10 years+ AWS experience) and Daniel Liszka, Program Manager at Bitnami (15+ years of Open-Source and Cloud experience)