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AWS Databases - Purpose-built databases for all your application needs (in Czech/Slovak)

As the cloud continues to drive down the cost of storage and compute, a new generation of applications have emerged, creating a new set of requirements for databases. These applications need databases to store terabytes to petabytes of new types of data, provide access to the data with millisecond latency, process millions of requests per second, and scale to support millions of users anywhere in the world. To support these requirements, you need both relational and non-relational databases that are purpose-built to handle the specific needs of your applications. If you are interested what database engines you can use on AWS for your applications, join our next AWS Czecho-Slovak webinar. We will demonstrate different database solutions at AWS, describe use cases, best practices and show a few demos.

When: July 9th | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CET

Learning Objectives: 
• Learn what database engines (relational and non-relational) you can use on AWS for your applications
• Learn some purpose-built database best practises
• Experience data-base building tips via online demonstrations

Who Should Attend: IT Architects, Developers, IT Leaders, Database Admins

Speakers: Vlad Simek, Enterprise Solution Architect – AWS