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Established Media Supply Chains have incrementally evolved over tens of years as content owners, broadcasters, payTV providers, and media service providers have adopted shifts in technology and viewing formats.

Most now realise that the spiraling demands to version programming for new syndication deals, platforms, devices and rapidly changing viewer behaviour is placing immense pressure on supply chains that were not built to meet these new requirements.

Meanwhile, the maturity and capability of the Cloud is at a stage where it is possible to re-imagine the supply chain - shifting processes and functions to on-demand, pay as you use resources that bring speed, flexibility and for many - better cost controls.

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  • How a Cloud-based Media Supply Chain approach is a strategic opportunity to transform well established processes, maintaining broadcast quality, but with greater efficiency and agility.
  • Experiences from Cloud-native supply chain experts SDVI and Vidispine, and their key insights from multiple projects.
  • How Amazon Web Services (AWS) services and solutions are tailored to the needs of Media-specific applications.