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Accelerating digital transformation
across the UAE

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Digital transformation isn’t just about digitizing data. It’s about moving from a rigid information technology (IT) system to a more flexible one that allows organizations to innovate, and adapt in rapidly changing environments. To move toward IT modernization, businesses and public sector organizations must also drive changes to policies, procurement, human resources, and culture to take full advantage of new technologies. You need a trusted partner that can help you establish an IT environment that covers all these areas so your organization can quickly scale and innovate.
In this eBook, you will discover how cloud computing is fundamental to the UAE's digital transformation journey and how can AWS help you achieve your organization’s goals.

You will learn about:
  • Cloud computing and its advantages
  • The three main benefits of digital transformation
  • AWS's customer stories from the UAE
  • The benefits of AWS's cloud infrastructure
  • How AWS can help with your digital transformation journey
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