Bring your business ideas to market faster

Join us for an online workshop "AWS Digital Innovation Program", designed to help business leaders bring ideas to market faster.

This session will introduce business leaders to Amazon's peculiar, customer-centric approach to innovation, provides examples and approaches for how has used technology to accelerate innovation, and engages with customers who want to experience Amazon’s innovation mechanisms, working backwards from their end-customer, and how to get started on your journey with Amazon Web Service (AWS) .

In a 2-hour online session, you’ll experience innovation at Amazon first-hand:

* Learn about four key elements of Amazon's Culture of Innovation: Culture, Mechanisms, Architecture and Organization.
* Frame your business challenge – identify a specific customer problem or opportunity that you wish to address with the help of AWS Digital Innovation team.
* Navigate resources and services provided by AWS partners and best practices to enable your business to drive digital transformation.

Who Should Attend

Business leaders, business owners, product managers, head of innovation, and anyone interested in learning about digital innovation at Amazon.

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  • Rob Hodges, Head of Digital Innovation, AWS
  • Hugh Lightbody, Chief Officer, Business Gateway
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In collaboration with Business Gateway

Customer Testimonials

"Innovation can be so confusing, working backwards helped us be so much more efficient in how we do things. It has actually changed the way we do things, we are now doing more customer interviews and starting with the customer first." - Michael Jakobsen, Founder & CEO, RPAIR

"With the Working Backwards methodology we were able to develop and test new ideas for our customer propositions in a faster and more focused way. The method allowed us to break out of our traditional development processes and validate new ideas without large up front investment, giving us earlier insight into which ideas to back." - Chris Shelley, Chief Revenue Officer, ENVEA Group

Rob Hodges

Head of Digital Innovation


Hugh Lightbody

Chief Officer

Business Gateway

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