As a sales leader, you are the first to feel the pain of losing customers and deals to competitors - possibly, competitors offering a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.

Did you know that 61% of organizations worldwide are shifting their strategy to consumption-driven digital infrastructure spend?

The opportunities are there to be seized. A move to cloud and SaaS fulfills customers’ appetite for consumption-based IT spend and it provides you with an opportunity for worldwide expansion and a faster time to market.

Don’t think this is for you? Now is the time to be an agent for change in your business: more than ever before, you need to make your voice heard in the cloud conversation so that you can best meet the demands of new and existing.

Learn how with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The sales benefits of AWS

You need to choose a cloud provider that you can rely on to aid not only your business, but your sales teams too through the transition. As a sales leader, your role will be transformed with new pricing models and sales mentalities. AWS had the support programs and resources to help you succeed.

Not only that, AWS helps you co-sell and capitalize on the cloud opportunity for sales teams in software businesses.

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