AWS' mission is to help startups succeed. For that, we have designed AWS Startup Academy, a program to support startups kick off, scale and grow with AWS.

During the next sessions we will focus on relevant topics for early stage startups, either technical or business, to help you find the tools you need to take your business or project to the next level. Sessions will be delivered by a mix of ecosystem players, AWS experts and customers who have had experience in the topics.

AWS Startup Academy is not only for those startups in the beginning of the cloud journey though, it could also help those who are cloud native but are looking to get more familiar with AWS services and products.

AWS Startup Academy | Unfold each session to see all the details

  Thursday, February 18th | 10am CET | Start with Machine Learning without knowing a thing

About the session

The objective of the session is to desmitify Machine Learning for startups and offer a general vision for those who are only beginning to use ML services. In the first of the session we will do a 360º overview of ML services: Amazon Personalize, Amazon Forecast, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Textract, Amazon Rekognition and key use cases. In the second part we’ll go deeper into more specialized services, diving deeper onto Amazon Sagemaker.

About the speakers

Baris Yasin, Startup Solutions Architect.

Baris Yasin

 Thursday, February 25th | 10am CET | Activate NEXT, optimize your architecture

About the session

Learn how to optimize your costs and scale your architecture - especially as you graduate from the AWS Activate program and move from credits to billing. The webinar will focus on containers, serverless infrastructure, and on the best practices and considerations for cost optimizing your AWS environment.
We will be opening the floor to Q&A throughout the entire webinar.

About the speaker

Tim Berger, Fintech Startups Solutions Architect at AWS.

Tim Berger

 Thursday, March 18th | 10am CET | Building your web/app fast and easily with AWS Amplify

About the session

Are you looking to build web and mobile applications in the cloud easily and that look great? Are you looking to eliminate all the work of developing a traditional web application? In this session we’ll discuss how to bring your idea to life, scale it and build it around your customers’ need in less time than ever before with AWS Amplify, a tool developed to accelerate application development.

About the speaker

Stefano Sandrini, Senior Solutions Architect, Mobile Specialist, AWS EMEA.

Stefano Sandrini

 Thursday, March 25th | 10am CET | Building a winning pitch deck

About the session

Giving a rockstar pitch is almost fundamental for startups to kick off and grow and, while every pitch deck will be different to some degree, there are some areas and concepts that are fundamental. This Build a Winning Pitch Deck Workshop is designed to help pre-seed startups develop a fundraising narrative and build a pitch deck that serves as their tool to getting funded. Join us as we help you put pen-to-paper and perfect a wining pitch deck that helps you graduate from bootstrapped to a Series A.

About the speaker

Nick Telson, Founder of Horseplay Ventures and Pitch Deck podcast & Richard Howard, Senior Startup Business Development at AWS UK.

Richard Howard

Nick Telson

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