ISV Playlist

We have collected a series of technical and business videos dedicated to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who are looking to migrate to the cloud, transform their business model to SaaS and modernize their solution by using key advanced AWS services like Serverless.

These videos are just an introduction that shows you how AWS can help you through the journey to Cloud and SaaS.

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Watch key technical videos to help you start your journey to AWS

  1. Monolith to Serverless SaaS - Migrating to multi-tenant architecture - Technical / SaaS
  2. Review of Real-World patterns and Strategies when building SaaS applications- Technical / SaaS
  3. Building with AWS databases - Match your workload to the right database - Technical / Modernisation
  4. Building Microservices with AWS Lambda - Technical / Modernisation
  5. Accelerate migrations with the ISV Workload Migration Program - Business
  6. Navigating the ISV partner journey: succeed with AWS - Business
  7. How to sell in AWS Market Place - Business


  • Tod Golding
  • Rick Houlihan
  • Chris Munns
  • Hitesh Kumeria
  • Barbara Kessler
  • Bill Marozas
  • Mona Chadha
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