AWS surveyed 10,000 senior business and IT decision-makers in enterprises across France, Germany, Israel, Spain, and the UK. Our goal was to understand how they managed to keep reinventing their businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic without a roadmap, and  to gain insight into how they expect their organisations to grow in a post-pandemic world. We found that the pandemic laid bare the limitations of conventional business planning. Carefully orchestrated annual roadmaps built under the illusion of control, with the past predicting the future, were exposed as not fit for purpose.

Key Takeaways

  • 46% of decision-makers reported that their organisations struggled to adapt over the past year
  • 46% of decision-makers cited ongoing pressures from new entrants taking market share.
  • 65% of decision-makers say that their organisations have emerged from the pandemic more agile, more adaptable, and confident about the future.

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