In the past few years, meeting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals has leapt up the boardroom agenda. While ESG monitoring may still be a tick-box exercise for some businesses, many are embedding it into the centre of their corporate missions and decision-making.
At AWS, we recently discussed this topic with Richard Nunan, Partner of Cloud Engineering at Deloitte. Read on to hear Richard’s thoughts on how organisations can track, improve and demonstrate their ESG credentials, supported by data-driven tools in the cloud.
As Richard explains, success ultimately hinges on ESG monitoring being viewed as a continual process, not a one-off activity. Moving to the cloud makes change possible—but it’s just the start of a journey that requires ongoing transformation.

Three ways to improve your ESG performance

  • Treat ESG monitoring as a continual process
  • Integrate ESG metrics into your organisation’s KPIs
  • Leverage data-driven tools to analyse ESG performance in real time

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