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One of the main benefits of the AWS platform is its capacity for delivering automation that reduces cost while increasing business agility. Many organizations look to leverage these automation capabilities to accelerate the migration of SAP workloads.

In this webinar, AWS and AWS SAP and Migration Competency Partner Linke will discuss how businesses can harness automation to reduce SAP migration costs and time to completion from months to weeks. Speakers from Linke will then outline how auditable architectures can be managed using DevOps, so you can manage them better once migration is complete.

What will you learn?


At which stages of migration automation can help to optimize time, cost and processes.


How automated processes enable you to migrate your SAP systems to a cloud model.


How automation helps mitigate risk when migrating SAP workloads on AWS

About Linke

AWS APN Premier Consulting Partner Linke specialize in deploying, migrating, operating and automating enterprise applications in SAP workloads on AWS. Linke products extend SAP applications enabling more efficiency, agility and deeper integration with AWS Services.


Thomas Xander

Thomas Xander

EMEA Partner Lead SAP at Amazon Web Services

Dedicated professional with 25+ years of relevant experience, offering a wide-ranging skill set, including sales, alliances, corporate finance, business development, M&A, and strategy, as well as an educational background in economics. Team player with distinct leadership abilities, communicative skills, and international expertise.

Ricardo Casanovas

Ricardo Casanovas

CTO and Co-founder Linke

Co-founder and CTO of Linke, AWS Premier Consulting Partner, with more than 20 years of experience in SAP technology, since 2012 specialized in optimizing the benefits of AWS for SAP, in order to accelerate business innovation.

Guillermo Torres

Guillermo Torres

Product Development Lead at Linke

Currently a product development lead at Linke, Guillermo Torres is a SAP and AWS certified engineer with more than 15 years’ experience developing software, administrating SAP systems and working towards solutions that improve the adoption of SAP workloads on cloud.


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