SAP Immersion Day

No matter what your SAP system or strategy, AWS has the experience and technology to accelerate your migration and transformation. Learn how to extend SAP business process beyond the core workloads with AWS in partnership with SAP.

An increasing number of companies have found that migrating SAP systems to AWS helped them to accelerate performance, reduce costs, improve infrastructure resilience, and innovate faster while also enabling them to extend their business processes beyond SAP.  

The SAP Immersion Day will give you an insight into the AWS strategy for helping to extend business processes. In this SAP Immersion Day we have great pleasure to be joined by Burberry who will talk about their journey to AWS, the key learnings and future innovations.  We are also joined by Pillir who will outline the approach for extending SAP to the edge and cleaning the core SAP system. Pillir will demo the tools they use to enable this process. Finally we have a great business insight demonstration of the AWS control tower, showing how to turn data into actionable insights.

This session is demo and use case driven and topics are to be discussed with attendees. This event is aimed at senior enterprise leaders, SAP and technical architects facing planning decisions about SAP and cloud computing

Date: 18 February 2021 | 14:00 GMT

Duration: 2 hours

  • Jonathan Lake, Sr UKIR SAP Sales Specialist, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Terry Jordan, SAP Platforms Delivery & Support Director, Burberry
  • Vaidya Aiyer, Founder & CEO, Pillir, Innovate @ Edge
  • John Mcfall,Principal Advisory Consultant, Amazon Web Services (AWS
  • Patrick Leung, Sr UKIR SAP Specialist SA, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Session Details                                                                                     
Extend SAP Strategy: Extending processes beyond the SAP core workload
Journey to AWS and Transformation with Burberry: SAP migration to AWS, key learnings, next steps
Pillir: Extending SAP to the Edge and Cleaning the Digital Core 
Analytics and Business Insight: Supply Chain tower applications quickly
Q&A: An opportunity to engage in discussion and ask your questions!

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