About the event

The industry roadmap towards ‘4.0’ has already begun. The potential of connected machines, devices and processes is clear, and companies like AWS are building IoT sensors and cloud services to bring together processes that improve quality, reduce costs and predict maintenance needs.

The digital transformation of these industrial and manufacturing processes offers many opportunities, but how can you accelerate your transition, embrace change, while maximising your investment in on-premise machines, devices and tooling? Perhaps you have opportunity to build fully digital products and experiences? How will you scale to meet the demanding expectations of today’s digital consumer?

We invite you to watch on-demand AWS and industry leaders for a review of what is possible, hear from your peers on their innovations and ideas, and learn about the role of technology in enabling your future opportunity.

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Event detail

The Business Leaders Track is in English only. The Technical Leaders Track has multiple language options. The local language events will also feature local and relevant customers sharing how their use of cloud is giving them the edge.