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Customers all around the world are realizing the competitive advantage through the use of cloud computing. The ones that truly shine have a cultural cornerstone at the heart of their cloud adoption journey: the establishment and ongoing evolution of a Cloud Center of Excellence or CCoE, i.e., a capability in the business that would be responsible for:

1. Change Management
2. Training and Readiness
3. Governance
4. Finance
5. Enterprise Architecture and Engineering

There is no one-size-fits-all for any organization, however through this webinar we’ll explore how to tailor the appropriate baseline for a CCoE in your organization, and the ongoing benefits of creating one to drive cloud adoption and use.

Understand how:

  • A CCoE can spur innovation in, and competitiveness of, your business
  • To get started with or evolve an existing CCoE
  • To use a CCoE to rationalize business value from the cloud, based on gathering, tracking and exposing key metrics from the cloud adoption journey through the lens of:
    • Cost Savings - Reducing the percentage of IT spend on infrastructure, freeing budget for reinvestment in other areas
    • Operational Resilience - AWS availability and security enable customers to improve SLAs while reducing unplanned downtime and risk
    • Staff Productivity - Reducing or eliminating tasks that are no longer needed; teams are freed to work on higher value activities
    • Business Agility - Ability to accelerate time to market, with an increased pace of experimentation and faster deployment of new features

Who Should Attend

CxO, Cloud, DevOps and modernization leads

Event Details

7 September, 2021


  • Darryl Govender, Head of Cloud Services, Synthesis Software Technologies
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Darryl Govender

Head of Cloud Services

Synthesis Software Technologies


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