No matter your SAP system or strategy, AWS has the experience and technology to accelerate your migration and transformation.

Many business leaders are considering their options on how to manage and optimise their SAP estate against the backdrop of significant volatility and market change. An increasing number of companies have found that migrating SAP systems to AWS helped them to accelerate performance, reduce costs, improve infrastructure resilience, and innovate faster while also enabling them to extend their business processes beyond SAP.

This event is aimed at senior enterprise leaders facing strategic planning decisions about SAP and cloud computing. At the event, executives will demonstrate the business value which can be unleashed from SAP on AWS. Executive from ENGIE and Zalando will share their experiences, lessons learned and the benefits they have realised from their large-scale SAP to AWS migrations.

In addition to the customer speakers, this two-hour session will also involve an AWS presentation on insights into both the financial and business benefits. This will move beyond the Business Case to cover the real business benefits delivered by SAP on AWS.

  • Darren Hardman, VP, General Manager, UK & Ireland, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Mark Cerasale, Senior Manager, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Frederic Poncin, Lead of ENGIE Group CCOE
  • Yuriy Volosenko, Director for enterprise applications and architectures, Zalando

Session Details

Keynote: Darren Hardman, VP and Managing Director of AWS UK and Ireland, kicks-off the session to outline the strategic importance of unleashing business value from SAP to AWS migrations and where the market is moving.

SAP on AWS – Value in Action: Three AWS customers  (Zalando and ENGIE) share their experiences, challenges and lessons learned.

Business Case & TCO Optimization: WS subject matter expert, provide insights into leveraging SAP on AWS to reduce TCO and accelerate business optimization and agility. 

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