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As leaders, our challenge is to enable our organisations to innovate at scale, in a secure and reliable manner that protects investments and assets. It isn’t just about technology: it’s fundamentally about people, process and culture. By addressing the organisational structure and culture, you can help facilitate your company success. This includes the importance of giving cloud teams the trust to deliver effective business outcomes and drive the company towards a future-ready organisation. It also strongly impacts the ability to generate new business value from Enterprise Workload applications, such as SAP.

Attend this webinar to understand how to avoid building technology that only fits a legacy process that was designed to manage risk in a very different technological landscape. Discover how to modernise, optimise and create new business processes to maximise the value of your technology and application workloads, with a special focus on your strategic SAP workloads. 

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Paul Hannan is the UK Enterprise Technology Lead at Amazon Web Services, coaching many big businesses through Cloud adoption and transformation journey. Paul’s experience as a CTO, who drove a transformational adoption of public cloud in a large, regulated UK utility, helps to build trust and facilitate change within the corporate-governance boundaries our Enterprise customers operate in. 

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