AWS PoC in a Box Program

Start your Proof of Concept with the help of Inetum-Realdomen

Realize your Data potential with AWS & Inetum-Realdolmen Data & AI Discovery

Start your Proof of Concept with the help of Inetum-Realdomen 

Inetum-Realdomen has joined forces with AWS to support your business scale and grow with low cost, easy to use cloud products and service.

Today, data is everywhere; petabyte of data are generated every second. Many organizations understand the value of collecting data to become competitive in the market and to bring in innovation and profitability into their products and services. However, data only becomes valuable when you use it to see the connections, make predictions or do automations.

How to bring value from your data?

Would you like to uncover the opportunities that data & AI brings to your company, or would you like to challenge your initial ideas with AWS AI experts? Are you aware of how using AWS Data & AI services allow you to add intelligence to your applications and workflows? We accompany you through the process, from ideation workshops to the development of a proof of concept (POC).

Possibilities to bring value with data through AI

  • Digital customer experience and automation (ex: Natural Language Processing)
  • Customer engagement (ex: Demand Forecasting, Churn Prediction)
  • Personalization or risk modeling (ex. Profiling)
  • Fraud or error detection: (ex: Detect Abnormal behavior)

How do we engage?

During a 10-day engagement, we will help you plan and organize your data science project:

  • Discovery (2 hours): As we deeply believe that the approach should start with an established strong business understanding. We will (virtually) meet to ensure we understand your business objectives, the technical and business context, and the key stakeholders. During this discovery phase, we also think about the available AI services. 

  • Data Gathering & Understanding (4 days): Adding to the foundation of the business-understanding phase, our AWS AI expert will focus to identify, collect and explore the datasets that can help you accomplish your objectives.

  • Modeling & Evaluation POC (6 days): our AWS AI expert will build and assess a model with the right modeling technique. Finally, the evaluation phase will verify that the developed model meets the business success criteria before deploying it.

To qualify, you must have

  • A business case and proof of concept.


Participation in the program is free. You will receive $500 in AWS credits.

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