Learn why the future of the DBMS market is cloud

On-premises database management system (DBMS) revenues continue to decrease as cloud DBMS grows in popularity as the standard. As DBMS deployments are built increasingly on cloud-native or cloud-first architecture, it is now accepted that the future of DBMS is in the cloud. To prepare data & analytics leaders for anticipated shifts in spend, staffing, and development, Gartner describes the state of the market in detail and provides recommendations for organizations of all sizes on why, when, and how to migrate DBMS environments to the cloud.

Learn how to:

  • Create a data management strategy that leads with cloud DBMS services, including on-premises or hybrid environments as a first step to full cloud migration
  • Plan to migrate on-premises DBMS installations into suitable cloud offerings
  • Evaluate remaining on-premises systems for sunsetting, replacement with SaaS, or migration to private cloud — where they can be managed similar to the public cloud

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